Munchkin Kittens for sale

Welcome to Fanceat Cattery, we dedicate our lives to the breeding of munchkin kittens for sale for any family who is caring and loving who needs to add our beautiful fur babies to their home. Our kittens are well trained to fit into any family with kids and other pets. Getting a munchkin kitten from our cattery will mean getting a loving friend, partner for the rest of your lives.

scottish fold munchkin cat

History of Munchkin Cat For Sale

          Munchkin Kittens for sale considered to be the feline counterpart of the dachshund, this breed caused controversy in the cat world. The Munchkin cat mutation was discovered in America in 1983, where it was named after the “little people” of The Wizard of Oz. Short-legged cats such as the Munchkin cat were recorded in England in the 1930s and Russia in the 1950s, but these breeds have not been established. This breed is not recognized in the UK by the UK’s main cat lovers association.

        The Munchkin cat for sale breed is a medium-sized cat with extremely short legs and a long backbone. Munchkin cat for sale movements are described as ferret movements, so they do not have the feline grace of cats with longer legs. munchkin cats for sale, their bodies are thick with fur and their chest is round which gives them the unique posture. The breed can have long or short hair. Both varieties have plush, weather-resistant coats with a silky appearance. The long-haired munchkin kittens has a feather tail. Munchkin cats can have any coat color or pattern and nut-shaped eyes, and they can be any color.

       The gene that produces Munchkin’s feline short legs is autosomal dominant, meaning that it is not gender-specific and is expressed whether it is inherited from one parent or both parents. However, it is fatal when copies are inherited from both parents with the embryos dying in the womb. As a result, munchkins are only bred with common house cats and not with other munchkins. Offspring of munchkins / domestic cats have equal chances of being munchkins or not. Only the offspring that are scottish fold munchkin cat carry this gene.

Munchkin kittens for sale

Munchkin Cat Adoption Personality

Munchkin cats are cute and outgoing. Their curiosity and playfulness also continue into adulthood. The Munchkin cat is sociable and enjoys the company of munchkin cat breeders. We can teach them to play retrieve and follow voice commands. While Munchkin cats can jump on the counter, many prefer to intelligently find the easier way. Despite their short legs, they can also run fast.

Caring for your Munchkin cat for sale

     Munchkins kitten requires little help with grooming, as his shorter legs make it difficult to reach certain areas when brushing yourself. Munchkin kittens for sale should be brushed once a week, and longhair cats a few times a week. Regular brushing prevents the formation of hairballs and tarnishing. Trim the cat’s claws. Help your cat maintain oral hygiene by brushing her teeth several times a week and clean her at the vet regularly.

     The Munchkins have no problem running on short legs, but they cannot jump as high as their long-legged siblings. Still, they’ll jump and climb, so providing a scratching post can help them reach new heights safely. As they are curious and active cats, provide interactive toys for cats and spend time playing with your cat every day.

They have personalities as different as other domestic cats. They generally do well with older children, other cats, and dogs. Each cat should only be kept indoors so that it is not exposed to other cat diseases, fights, attacks, or accidents. Spraying or sterilizing the munchkin kitten is recommended if it is not intended for breeding.

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