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Healthy food makes healthy body and life

Now a day’s people have started to conceive that they are continually developing and growing. In which our body is in constant need of healthy food for promoting the proper cell growth and to keep it fueled. The ideal balancing of healthy life includes exercise along with healthy diet which provides you with all of the daily requirements. A healthy food guide can show you precisely what is needed to your body and what amounts of food content is required to maintain the vital healthy mind and body. What constitutes the healthy food, based on the food pyramid there is a formula for the balanced meals which you need to follow regularly and this involves in making use of the basic food items which you need to include in your food plan regularly.

  • Vegetables should be included in your daily food and in the category of green beans, lettuce, corn, carrot, peas etc.
  • Grains found in the rice, pasta, cereal and bread consists of 6 to 11 helpings where this can be taken in some form of food item each day
  • Dairy products should be taken 2 or 3 time daily in the form of the yogurt, milk and cheese to provide with the calcium and It helps in promoting growth especially for children
  • Protein is the vital one for your body and it should be consumed over at the sacrifice of other healthy food items. Poultry, dry beans, eggs, meat, fish and nuts are rich in protein and are