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Yes, munchkin cats have serious health issues as compared to other breeds of cats out there. They are genetically mutated that’s why they have short legs in other words called “dwarf cats” The most common health issues are as a result of their mutation, they have bone deformities and some with a hollowed chest.

Also, there is another disease that is prone to these breeds that is the Lordosis meaning excessive curvature of the spine which affects these breeds. Aside from that these kittens are healthy and very much active like other cats, They are unable to jump to very high places but they still manage to jump to where they can reach. It is advisable to put their toys, food, water close where they can reach anytime they want.

How friendly are munchkin cats towards kids? Safe or No

looking for a cat that will be friendly to your kids and other pets presents it as the number one priority to every family. Getting a kitten that is well socialized with kids, a kitten that has a calm temperament is very important. Munchkin kittens naturally are easy-going cats, they are easy to train and studies have shown they are very friendly towards kids, and other pets. Matter of fact they love being curdled. they have the habit of standing on their hind legs mimicking the rabbit to get a better sight.

     They are very intelligent cats, always get them puzzled toys and games that will help the preoccupied and challenged. You can always pick a few puzzle toys from the nearest pet store. Always have a scratch post in the eyes and tree house because they like to climb and hide in them to most like play fetch a common practice among cats.

Is it difficult to groom a munchkin cat? Yes or No

The answer to that is no it’s not difficult to groom the shorthair munchkin cat’s hair. Use a plastic comb which is the best and groom their hair to follow the growth path at least once a week. Even though the short hair doesn’t shed that much you should do it to at least help in removing bacteria, and to avoid overheating. For the longhair kitten, you can groom them twice a week since they shed more.

How much do munchkin cats shed? safe or No

           Their short thick fur limits them from shedding too much as compared to other breeds. Though they don’t shed that much they are not hyperallergic cats, anyone with allergies will not be comfortable being around them. But although scientists claim the Bengals and a host of other cats are hyperallergic that’s not the case because some people are still allergic to cats they considered to be hyperallergic.

Are munchkin cats intelligent breeds? Yes or No

  The munchkin cats are very intelligent breeds you can have as a pet. They listen to commands from their owners; they are not aggressive towards their owners or kids. They are very friendly towards strangers and are not shy to ask for curdles. Like any cat out there they love to play fetch, they love to play mouse and fetch.

     There have been several toys that have been used to test their level of intelligence,

  • The cat interactive treat maze; it’s cardboard made of holes and inner chambers. You can place treats in these to develop your kitten’s instincts of hunting, scratching, and picking up treats. By doing so they get the treats. This will help them to be more focused and less destructive.
  • In the roller circuit; the ball is activated with light and roams in the circuit, they will be able to catch the ball but will not remove it. they are very curious so any moving object will get them amazed and will want to see what it is.
    many companies have come up with lots of puzzle toys to help your kitten so do take out time to a pet store and get the best for your kitten.Many companies have come up with lots of puzzle toys to help your kitten so do take out time to a pet store and get the best for your kitten. A video showing best toys for cats
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Do munchkin kittens make loud noises? Yes or No

    No, they do not make loud noises other than the usual meowing, chirping, chattering, hissing that’s pretty much normal for every kitten. Also, they do make sounds of that of a crying baby, during this is when they are in heat meaning time for mating. They make such sounds to attract a male cat. It natural for them to expect to hear sounds like that of a crying baby.

Owning a munchkin cat does it requires lots of exercise and walks?

         No munchkin cats are lazy cats and indoor cats, they don’t require lots of attention or walks outside, rather you should be careful as they may be foods for predators. Their short front legs don’t permit them to run as fast as possible or jump to high places to flee away from predators. When leaving your cat out in the garden make sure you’re there to watch to scare away predators or thieves. When on walks make sure to have them on leash so they don’t wander far from you.

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