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    Yes it is okay to use human clippers to cut your cats nails/claws. You can use the human finger nail clipper to cut their nails. It is wise you start cutting your kittens nails at a younger age so as they become familiar. Hold the clippers ,press the clippers handle  which will intend move the cutting blade. If your unable to handle you cat properly or if your munchkin cat doesn’t like been carried about then you should get a professional to do so. Some  cats don’t like their nails cut so they always run from it or become aggressive when you try to cut their nails.

Is it safe to use human clippers to cut my munchkin cats nails?

      Oh, yeah! its total safe using human clippers to cut your munchkin cats claws as it is one of the standard tools to use and advisable by e vet doctor. There are different types of nail clippers which you can use to cut their nails. You have the scissors type of clippers, guillotine type and the standard human nail clippers which you can use but the best and most used clippers for cats is the human finger nail clippers. These are by far the safest and best clippers to use . They serve different purposes when cutting their nails. For long nails or claws its advisable to use the scissor type clippers to cut bend claws.

  To use human clippers for your munchkin kitten, first you need to hold down your kitten in a comfortable position so you can safely cut their nails. Some kittens are aggressive or turn to run away when trying to cut their nails. If you had trained your kitten to be calm and responsive then you have no problems cutting their nails.

  Using clippers requires some safety measures , Cats/kittens have tentacles nails/claws ,in order to see that you need to press their toes that is between their forefinger and thumb in order to see their claws.

  Some cats nails are colored so it becomes easy to see to see their blood nerves and vessels that supply blood . You need to cut their nails with care about 2mm and not any further because doing that will cause the cat to bleed and will experience a great deal of pain.

Getting your clippers well sharped makes cutting easy and clean, when you use a damped clippers ,the nails will be rough. How to place the clippers for cuts, you should hold the clippers and cut from the top going towards the bottom since their nails are curved downwards. Cutting sideways that’s left to right or vice versa will crush the nails .

  There are ways to use the Guillotine nail trimmer, it has a hole on it which enables you to place the kittens nails through it, that is designed specifically for that purpose . Make sure to press the clippers from top to bottom and not side ways for cleans cuts.

Every kitten has a dew claw, these are the hardest claws as they are used to scratch and they never worn out. Here is a video on how to do it. Always make sure to include a practical video so you know how its done properly.

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How to cut my munchkin kittens nails without it being aggressive towards me?

   First, you need to make sure your cat is comfortable being around you ,making your kitten comfortable is number one priority when having a cat. You need to make him familiar with your touches and rubs, doing this will earn his trust. Also rewarding your kitten after every task will ease the aggression when you try to cut his nails.

       Gentle touching your munchkin cats paws for a few seconds from time to time to earn the trust between you two. When he becomes aggressive during that process, always advisable to let him go because try to restrain him will make the situations worse and he will feel frightened and wouldn’t trust you. Place the kitten o your lap rubbing him calmly and touching his paws.

      Also you have to make him get used to the sound of clippers, when touching his paws gently try to clip in an open space just close to his paws, watch his reaction towards the sound. You need to try this for couple of times so he gets used to it and doesn’t get scared of the sound.

    Always try to give your munchkin cats threats for being obedient after any task that will build a mentality to not be afraid of things but rather they are rewarding after any task done. When he has become very familiar with the sound of the clippers, while petting him, press his paws and try to clip on of the nails gently. Refer to the video of how to cut your munchkin kitten with human clippers above.

   You can also cut your munchkins cats nails while they are asleep but you will have to be careful so as not to scare them. You don’t need to cut all nails at once try cutting one first so he wouldn’t wake , give him time to fall into sleep again and take on the next, this is time consuming but hey you have to do that for your fur baby anyways.

Can cats trim their own nails?

     No, cats are unable to cut their own nails, cats nails grow in layers to make it hard and sharp for strong grips. Even though some say a cat scratching its paws against trees or scratch post will damped in but that’s a lie. Studies from experts have studied that cats scratching their paws has some benefits to them.

  • They scratch their paws so they can sharpen their nails.
  • Again they do this to remove dead materials .
  • They also do this to mark their territory especially the wild cats (Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards etc )

So its very important for you to trim their nails so as to avoid them causing you injuries.


Should i cut my munchkin cats whiskers?

    You should not cut/trim your cat whiskeys, they will shed off naturally. Cutting their whiskeys will scare them away. Their whiskeys are used as a sensory organ and cutting it off will bring discomfort to them . So you shouldn’t bother much about their whiskers being long.

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