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       Inorder to have a munchkin as a good pet you need to get some things ready. You need to give him threats when ever the kitten performs a task. you need to provide the kitten with high nutritive foods both dry and wet . You need to rub and curdle with them daily so as to keep the bond and love betwen you two.

         As a reasonably new breed of felines, the cute Munchkin cat is quickly turning into a brand new favorite among cat lovers and pet house owners alike. Their miniature appearance positively catch peoples’ attention, however except for being lovable. these very little guys even have quite the playful temperament

    Munchkins also are fantastic indoor cats and that they also are just about simple to worry about as well. The keeping an eye fixed on area unit a number of the simplest ways that to worry about Munchkin cats: Munchkins tend to possess a brief and sweet coat usually, that makes for straightforward self-care.

Is it difficult to take care of a munchkin cat?

       Yes/No . It is difficult taking care of a munchkin cat that has health issues such as hallowed chest and curvature of the spine. Munchkin cats without any diseases turned to be one of the best domestic indoor cats you can ever imagine. They are easy to groom and taken care off.

     You’ll need to comb your kitty a minimum of once every week to stay their coat sparkly and swish. Whereas they have a tendency to shed generally, it’s pretty less– they’re one in all the best cat breeds to groom, at the side of a Siamese cat or a Rex. As long as you serve them something safe and edible, these felines can just about eat something in you offer them. Of course, like several cats, you ought to tread the waters and see what their favorite food is. Wet food and dry food area unit each sensible for your feline, however wet food tends to possess a lot of vitamins that your very little Munchkin wants.

  Make certain that your very little Munchkin gets heaps of exercise, as they have all the action they’ll get to stay up with their teeny-weeny little bodies. These very little guys like to play, and far like dogs, they’ll even play catch! Additionally, like dogs, they ought to really get daily walks to stay them moving.

  Munchkin cats, despite their short stature, munchkin cats will move and run as quick as other cats. However, due to their shorth legs they find it difficult reaching high places and away from predators.Keep your munchkin cat healthy with good diet, fresh water, and clean litter box. Make sure your cat gets plenty of attention.

   Munchkin kittens are extremely sociable. While munchkin cats don’t need a lot of special attention, brushing their fur regularly will help in cleaning them.

Keeping your munchkin cat healthy

    How to keep your cat healthy, requires healthy diet.However,they do not need food speciality.Its advisable to get foods from trusted brands with high nutrients as recommended by a vetineranian. How ever some food brands might not be good for all kittens, so its advisable to always watch which is best suited for your munchkin kitten

          Like any cat, require healthy diet.However,they do not need food speciality.Its advisable to get foods from trusted brands with high nutrients as recommendend by a vetineranian. How ever some food brands might not be good for all kittens, so its advisable to always watch which is best suited for your munchkin kitten.

    Select a food specifically made for cats.You cannot feed cats using human food, such as chicken or tuna, as cats need specific vitamin called taurine for their health. taurin is found in commercial cats foods such as Purina One premiuem.

purina pro

        You can give your munchkin treats if you want, but make sure treats do not make up more than 5-10% of your cat’s diet.

      The only special consideration to take with munchkin cats is whether they can reach their food due to their small height, munchkins may have trouble jumping onto high places. Make sure your munchkins food is with reach.

   Make sure your munchkin has access to fresh drinking any animal, you need to preserve a clean dish of fresh drinking water for your munchkin at all times. keep an eye on your cats water dish and re-fill it as need. you should also make sure the water dish remains in a spot a munchkin can quickly reach.

  • Provide bedding

Cats will needs to feel comfortable . Make sure you keep your house full of warm, comfortable places for your cat to curl up.

    You should buy buy a pet bad with warm cloths fitted in it , so as to keep the kitten warm and Cousy because kittens love areas which are warm and comfortable.

     Keep your munckin cat indoors, in general must cats do better indoors. Indoor cats tend to live longer. Munchkins especially will not do well outdoor. Their short stature will make them easy target for predators .

    If your munchkin wants to go out side , you can try letting it out in a supervised setting. Getting a leash is very important when your going for walks in the parks so as to avoid the kitten running off or being scared by bigger pets.

   Maintain a clean litter box, you should scoop out a cats litter box every day . Once a week, empty all the litter and wash the litter box with mild detergent. after the litter is dry add fresh layer of litter.

      Lemon scented cleaners, or cleaners with deodorants and ammonia should not be used in a litter box. These scents may cause your kitten not use the litter box because a familiar scent has faded away.

   Take your cat to the vet regularly, Like all cats, munchkin cats need regular vet check ups .Take your cat to the vet atleast once a year and keep it up to date on vaccinations. Always keep in thoughts kittens may require more regular veterinarian visits than fully grown cats.


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