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Do munchkin kittens have any health treats?

Yes, munchkin cats have serious health issues as compared to other breeds of cats out there. They are genetically mutated that’s why they have short legs in other words called “dwarf cats” The most common health issues are as a result of their mutation, they have bone deformities and some with a hollowed chest.

Also, there is another disease that is prone to these breeds that is the Lordosis meaning excessive curvature of the spine which affects these breeds. Aside from that these kittens are healthy and very much active like other cats, They are unable to jump to very high places but they still manage to jump to where they can reach. It is advisable to put their toys, food, water close where they can reach anytime they want.

How friendly are munchkin cats towards kids? Safe or No

looking for a cat that will be friendly to your kids and other pets presents it as the number one priority to every family. Getting a kitten that is well socialized with kids, a kitten that has a calm temperament is very important. Munchkin kittens naturally are easy-going cats, they are easy to train and studies have shown they are very friendly towards kids, and other pets. Matter of fact they love being curdled. they have the habit of standing on their hind legs mimicking the rabbit to get a better sight.

     They are very intelligent cats, always get them puzzled toys and games that will help the preoccupied and

Advices on how to keep muchkin cats as good pets for your home

       Inorder to have a munchkin as a good pet you need to get some things ready. You need to give him threats when ever the kitten performs a task. you need to provide the kitten with high nutritive foods both dry and wet . You need to rub and curdle with them daily so as to keep the bond and love betwen you two.

         As a reasonably new breed of felines, the cute Munchkin cat is quickly turning into a brand new favorite among cat lovers and pet house owners alike. Their miniature appearance positively catch peoples’ attention, however except for being lovable. these very little guys even have quite the playful temperament

    Munchkins also are fantastic indoor cats and that they also are just about simple to worry about as well. The keeping an eye fixed on area unit a number of the simplest ways that to worry about Munchkin cats: Munchkins tend to possess a brief and sweet coat usually, that makes for straightforward self-care.

Is it difficult to take care of a munchkin cat?

       Yes/No . It is difficult taking care of a munchkin cat that has health issues such as hallowed chest and curvature of the spine. Munchkin cats without any diseases turned to be one of the best domestic indoor cats you can ever imagine. They are easy to groom and taken care off.

     You’ll need to comb your kitty a minimum of once every week to stay their coat sparkly and swish. Whereas they

Is it advisable to use human clippers to cut my munchkin cats nails ?

    Yes it is okay to use human clippers to cut your cats nails/claws. You can use the human finger nail clipper to cut their nails. It is wise you start cutting your kittens nails at a younger age so as they become familiar. Hold the clippers ,press the clippers handle  which will intend move the cutting blade. If your unable to handle you cat properly or if your munchkin cat doesn’t like been carried about then you should get a professional to do so. Some  cats don’t like their nails cut so they always run from it or become aggressive when you try to cut their nails.

Is it safe to use human clippers to cut my munchkin cats nails?

      Oh, yeah! its total safe using human clippers to cut your munchkin cats claws as it is one of the standard tools to use and advisable by e vet doctor. There are different types of nail clippers which you can use to cut their nails. You have the scissors type of clippers, guillotine type and the standard human nail clippers which you can use but the best and most used clippers for cats is the human finger nail clippers. These are by far the safest and best clippers to use . They serve different purposes when cutting their nails. For long nails or claws its advisable to use the scissor type clippers to cut bend claws.

  To use human clippers for your munchkin kitten, first you need to hold down