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They are small felines that weigh between four and five pounds. They have shiny, dark, almond shaped coats that are valued for their patterns and textures. There is an abundance of different colors in which to choose when you shop for a Munchkin kitten for sale. These include red, orange, cream, fawn and blue. Some come in stripes, while others may have spots of gold, silver, or other metallic colors.

munchkin cat price

Munchkin kittens for sale are a very sweet and cuddly breed. They are gentle, loving and have a tendency to be noisy. However, they are also very intelligent and will quickly learn to accept their new surroundings and learn to play nicely with others. They love to be petted and will enjoy human contact and even being placed in the company of older munchkins. If they start to feel neglected they will express this by meowing and jumping for attention.

The average lifespan for a munchkin kitten is about twelve weeks old. They do not produce any heat during the winter months. So it is important to make sure they have a nice warm place to sleep during the day and that there is enough warmth for them to exercise during the cooler periods of the year. The most important characteristic of a Munchkin kitten is their personality. They are very loyal and adopt a domineering attitude toward people.

Your new kitten will need a place to sleep that will not cause too much stress for him or her. A sturdy cat bed is the best option for a cat this young. You should know that kittens can be quite delicate and should never be held for extended periods of time. When you bring your kitten home, begin socializing him to other people and other animals immediately. Show him where he or she can curl up with their favorite toy and spend lots of time doing this. When you take your kitten out to see other people and animals, take along a book to tell them how to handle your kitten.

When you finally decide to buy your munchkin kitten for sale, be prepared to fill out an adoption application. This is very important for your future kitten. Be honest and correct all the questions the agent asks you and make sure that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. If you are approved you will then be able to look into feeding and grooming supplies and possibly finding the perfect home for your new feline friend.