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  • On the contract given which is legally binding. Details the refund policy ways. You will get refunds if after you receive the kitten and discover it has some health issues.
  • In the event that the Veterinarian discovers any health issues with the Pet/Animal that the Seller has not first and foremost disclosed to the Buyer prior to the purchase and sale of the Pet/Animal, the Buyer shall have the right to return the Pet/Animal and request for a refund of the payment.
  • In the event you change your mind after a reservation fee was paid, %50 of what you paid as reservations will be refunded and %50 for me for compensation for me loosing out on other customers.
  • Our kittens come with a 30day health guarantee. If within this period of 10 days of purchase the pet dies from a critical illness or from an injury the owner can ask for a refund. They can either return the kitten for a total refund or replace the kitten with another kitten with an equal value or retain the kitten and access towards the medical fees without exceeding the purchasing fees.
  • If none of these options applies for the pet where a seller has provided the pet owner health certificate of the pet by a veterinarian, the owner must ask for a refund for the purchase of the kitten.